Java Training for Beginners

Java Training for Beginners

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This pages guides beginners in Java and explains how to take online Java Training.

How beginners can best path for learning Java from Java Training courses?

Beginners in Java programming language always confuses with the lots of advertisement and various offering from various training institutes. In this page I will try to give you full information on selecting your Java Training path if you are beginner in Java.

Beginners should first decide on the programming technologies for making their carrier in programming field. There are lots of  programming technologies which is being used these days for writing applications.

Here is the list of modern programming language which is being used these days:

  1. Java - Java technologies for developing server, desktop and mobile applications
  2. JavaScript - For developing client side script which runs on browser.
  3. C# - Micorsoft technologies for developing applications
  4. PHP - Is scripting language which runs server side and generates dynamic content.
  5. C++ - For developing applications for hardware, severs and native applications.
  6. Python - Python is powerful object oriented programming langauge
  7. C - C is structural, procedural programming language which is widely used for developing operating systems and other applications.
  8. SQL - SQL stands for Standard Query Langauge which is used to interact/query the databases.
  9. Ruby - Another object oriented programming language.
  10. Objective-C - This used to develop applications for Mac and iOS devices.
  11. Perl - Perl is interpreted programming language mostly used on Linux.
  12. .NET - .NET is Microsoft technologies used for building applications.
  13. R - R is another open source programming language, which is mostly used for statistical computing and graphics.
  14. Swift - Swift programming language is developed by Apple and this language is used to develop applications for  iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux.

Above list gives you idea about the latest programming languages which is in market. You can decide on various technologies and choose your career path.

If you have decided on the make your career in Java then you should prepare yourself in advance for hard work and learn various Java technologies.

Learning Java alone won't help you must, but you have to learn other Java frameworks like, Hibernate, Struts, JSF and Spring framework.

Most of Java developers work on dynamic web application and they must know following technologies as well:

  1. HTML and HTML5
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Ajax and jQuery
  5. XML
  6. Json etc..

So, you can see there are many technologies to be learned to become expert and highly paid programmer. But good news is that you don't have to learn all these technologies at once. After learning Core and Advanced Java you can try to find a Job, after getting job you can work and keep on learning new technologies.

Here are the Java technologies you should learn before applying for a new Job:

  1. Core Java - Foundation of Java programming language
  2. Advanced Java - Advance concepts of Java and uses of various Java API's for writing codes.
  3. JDBC - Java Database Connectivity is specification and API for connecting to databases from Java program.
  4. Servlets - Technology in Java for writing Dynamic web application.
  5. JSP - Extension of Servlet which allows the developers to embed Java code into HTML code. Used for creating UI view (HTML pages which runs on browser) in dynamic web applications.
  6. HTML - HTML is also known as Hyper Text Markup Language, which is used for creating the web pages on Internet which runs in the browser.

After learning above technologies your chances of getting job increases. You can continue learning new technologies. We at offers well researched training materials to our students. With us you will also get exposure of live projects and you will learn things in depth.

You can apply for our training classes by sending "Training Request" form or contact us through email. If you have any query regarding our training program call us on mobile phone number.

Check All Java Programming Training course.

Contact us on +91 9971440022 or email us at for any type of training requirement.

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